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How we can help

If you are a child or young person and feel that you are not getting the help and services that you need or believe you are entitled to, you can talk to us.

What we can do:

We offer advice and support on how to make a complaint. We can also direct you to other services for assistance and sometimes advocate or support you in resolving an issue.

In certain circumstances we may formally investigate or engage in legal proceedings relating to an issue. We will only do this if we believe an issue is incapable of being resolved through another route and if the issue is one which would affect all children or certain groups of children.

What we can’t do:

It is important to note that we are not a counselling service or an emergency service.

The law also restricts what we can do, for example:

  • We can’t give you legal advice
  • We can’t investigate anything concerning the decision-making of a court or tribunal
  • We can’t investigate anything before a court or tribunal.
How we handle your personal data

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