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Annual reports

Every year we will produce an annual report to tell people about what we've been doing.

Our first annual report will be published by June 2020.

The Law requires the Children’s Commissioner to regularly report to the Government.

The Children’s Commissioner will be required to prepare an annual report accounting for the work undertaken in the previous year, and present that report to the States Assembly via the States Greffe. 

First annual report 2018-2019

The law establishing the Children's Commissioner in statute did not come into force until midway through 2019, and yet our office actually began work (albeit in 'shadow form') from the moment that Deborah arrived in Jersey in January 2018.

For this reason, we have taken the decision to publish our first annual report covering not just one but two years.

A great deal of valuable work was done before the law came into force, and it would seem a shame not to be able to look back at that too...

Annual report 2018-2019
Annual report animation
Annual report animation (versão em Português)
Annual report animation (Polska wersja)
Annual Report 2020
Annual Report 2021
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