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Deborah McMillan

The Children and Young People's Commissioner in Jersey is Deborah McMillan.

The Commissioner's job is to promote and protect children’s rights. Deborah will do this by:

  • Supporting children and young people to find out about their rights
  • Listening to children and young people to find out what’s important to them
  • Advising children, young people and those who care for them if they feel they’ve got nowhere else to go with their problems
  • Influencing and monitoring government and other organisations who have a responsibility for making a difference to children’s lives, making sure they keep their promises to children and young people
  • Speaking up for children and young people on important issues – The Commissioner will be the children’s champion
  • Acting ‘without fear or favour’ of government, children’s agencies, or the voluntary and private sectors

+44(0)1534 867310